The 2013 Walking and Biking Trails Summit is Friday, March 8th from 8-3pm at Two Rivers Convention Center. Please join the community in this event.

Welcome to the 2013 Walking and Biking Trails Summit website!

The upcoming Walking and Biking Trails Summit will be held on Friday, March 8th, 2013. Come join your neighbors, community leaders, and planners to help develop urban paths and trails that will improve safety and out-of-town trail access for all. Help the Grand Valley get on the pathway to a better community!

During the Trails Summit itself, this website will host information and ideas, which citizens and leaders will contribute and develop during the Trails Summit, providing even more opportunities for community interaction during the Summit.

Finally, after the Summit concludes, you’ll be able to find a Trails Summit Report here on this website, available for free to the community.

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